Sunday, February 26, 2012

admire them. but actually, admire him! :D

ok, you know them? know? dont know? haha. yeah. ONE DIRECTION bebeh :) looks great isn't? haha. ok, aku malas nk introduce group nie panjang lebar. but, i just want to share about the members in this group only! the most i admire in this group is ZAYN MALIK. every girls love him ! *i think so -_- . the members are zayn malik , niall horan , liam payne , harry styles and louis tomlinson

ok, this is ZAYN MALIK ! cute? handsome? haha. judge it by yourself. FYI, i admire him ok! :D

thats all friends, bye :D

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years :)

thank you :)

ok, first of all, aku nk cakap/ucap terima kasih banyakbanyak kepada AHMAD HILMI BIN AHMAD ANUAR kerana telah memberi hadiah @ bear nie kat aku tadi. it was very very cute right? i love it so much! thanx again hilmi. nt, dy pindah kt mrsm gemencheh. wuuuu, lame x dpt jmpe. will miss him. nt kalo free, kte hangout sesame eh? :)

we call this bear, mieqa :)

and, aku nk ucap kan terima kasih juga kepada EMIRA FARAHNAZ kerana telah meng-upload gambar nie ke dalam fb. :) thanx yea :) and, thanx jugak sbb da capture gmbar nie mse kt A&W tadi. jasamu sentiasa dikenang :) haha.

p/s : yea, aku tw aku nie kecoh sgt sbb nk ngtw pasal bear nie. tp, ADA AKU KESAH? :P

Monday, January 23, 2012

plaese, be the first song for me! :)

just read the title above. faham kan? ok, i just wanna say, i want him to sing this song:) ble da master nanti. dy baru belaja. so, take your time. and, this is my favourite song. i love it <3 <3 <3

what i feel right now -_-